A new trailer for Annapurna/Laika’s stop-motion title Missing Link has dropped. Like the first trailer, this one promises a lot of hijinks and laughs as the creature Mr. Link (Zach Galifianakis) works together with explorer Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) to travel the world and find Mr. Link’s long-lost evolutionary cousins.

Interestingly enough, it’s right as Laika ended their long-running distribution partnership with Focus Features and started a new one with Annapurna that the studio has decided to make a movie that’s more of a traditional animated comedy than their earlier offerings. Missing Link looks like a far cry especially from the spookiness of their earlier films like Coraline. Still, if the more mainstream trappings help this film push Laika out of their downward slide at the box office, I’m all for it.

Missing Link arrives in theaters April 12, 2019.

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