A new trailer for Uglydolls, the animated production from STX and Robert Rodriguez’s company Troublemaker Studios, is now here. The video’s release seems perfectly timed for the trailer to be attached to next week’s The Lego Movie 2 and for good reason, since both titles are targeting the same younger audiences.

The latest trailer builds a bit on the story already revealed in the first trailer. We already knew the Uglydolls have built a thriving world of their own full of creatures like them, and that the dolls eventually escape their home to explore the land of Perfection. At Perfection, the Uglydolls are not so well-received, and hijinks ensue. This trailer expands a bit more on the leadership of Perfection, Lou (Nick Jonas), but otherwise the core elements seem the same from before.

While the movie and animation work look decent enough, Uglydolls is going to be facing very stiff competition if it opens as scheduled on May 3, with megablockbuster Avengers: Endgame releasing the weekend before and Detective Pikachu the weekend after.

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