Disney has just dropped another look at their upcoming live-action remake Aladdin. Like with the teaser trailer from last year, this video is very, very light on actual details about the movie. Neither one of them is even close to the full two-minute-plus length of your standard trailer, and we haven’t heard a single line from the protagonist so far. Its quite odd to know this little about a would-be major film when it release date is only a little more than three months away.

This all makes me wonder if there’s some sort of problems here that Disney is hiding, in the same way they did with their Memorial Day release from last year, Solo: A Star Wars Story. That film only got its first look to the public during the Super Bowl, so at least Aladdin started out earlier than that. Let’s hope for the sake of Guy Ritchie and everyone else involved with this Disney live-action remake that their title doesn’t follow Solo‘s fate.

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