Well, that was unexpected. Disney dropped on us today a teaser trailer for Frozen II, and its great to see its a teaser in the truest sense of the word. There’s two minutes of great visuals, but still the plot is being kept very under wraps.

Unlike with the teaser for the original Frozen, which leaned way harder on the Olaf slapstick than the actual movie ended up doing, this teaser for Frozen II goes all-in on a completely different tone. It’s (surprisingly) pretty serious, and if I didn’t know this was an animated Frozen sequel, the beats remind me of the first introduction to some big superhero movie, with all the dramatic vistas and shots showing off the lead’s power that genre normally entails.

Frozen II arrives November 22 of this year, the week before Thanksgiving. That it’ll be the biggest movie of November is a given, but its still an open question of just how huge this ends up. Will it have to settle for “just” doing great, or will it be able to meet (or even beat) the heights of the first Frozen‘s massive $1.27B worldwide, still even nearly five years later the highest global gross for an animated movie ever?

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