While much of the internet’s attention this week towards Sony Pictures Animation has been about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – and rightfully so, considering it just won Best Animated Picture at the Oscars – some important news has come out pertaining to Sony’s other big animated series, Hotel Transylvania. While it might not get the awards buzz that Spider-Verse gets, the Transylvania franchise has been a consistently big moneymaker for the animation studio ever since the first title rolled in back in 2012. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation from this past summer grossed $528M worldwide, a new record for the series and Sony Animation’s second-most successful title ever after their first Smurfs movie.

With that, Sony has announced that Hotel Transylvania 4 will be arriving December 22, 2021. A holiday release date has paid off big dividends for animated movies before – look at how well Spider-Verse from this past year did, and Sing from a few years ago. However, Drac’s crew at the hotel might be in store for a lot of competition, with their new movie planning to open just a few days after James Cameron’s Avatar 3 on December 17. Other competitors that December include the Universal adaption of the popular musical Wicked, an untitled Disney live-action title, and an untitled animated title from Warner Brothers.