Fantasy Box Office: Terminator Kills Itself

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For 2020, the game is getting a bit of an upgrade. The biggest one is now everyone will be able to add investments by themselves instantaneously. A whole host of other new features are also on the horizon, including a ton of more in-depth stats, but it’s important to note at this point the new system is quite in beta. (Case in point, you can add investments but you can’t remove them yet.) However, there are still two months until 2020 comes around and investments need to start being finalized.

Essentially, at this point you should be able to register for an account, login to the account you’ve registered, and be able to invest in The Grudge, 2020’s first release. Everything else is still a work in progress.

Weekend recap

  • Terminator: Dark Fate is the latest in a line of attempts to take classic ’80s franchises and revive them by going back to their roots. Alien: Covenant, last year’s The Predator, and Dark Fate all attempted to do this, only to end up with Hollywood losing money or at absolute best breaking even each time. (Funnily enough, Fox was either distributor or co-distributor for each of these films. I think they may be cursed.) Anyway, long story short is the latest Terminator film is not going to be profitable either in real life or in the game.
  • You might be able to get away with making a mediocre sequel to a healthy franchise, and you might be able to get away with making an excellent sequel to a tired franchise, but a so-so sequel and a tried franchise is a recipe for disaster. In an alternate universe, where Rise of the MachinesSalvation, and Genisys didn’t happen, I could see Dark Fate hitting big numbers just because of the pent-up goodwill from the first two films. Hell, even if only Genisys hadn’t happened, I could still see Dark Fate doing much better since it would have been a decade since a film in the franchise and Schwarzenegger’s return would have been a big draw.
  • On a side note, the title Dark Fate is also just horrifically boring. It retroactively makes Genisys sound like an excellent one in comparison.
  • Also opening this weekend was Harriet. It’s at 11.7M worldwide currently, which is okay I guess. Hopefully that A+ Cinemascore (the power of the black audience, similar to the Perry titles?) will pump up its domestic legs a bit. If this film wants to reach profitability in the game though it’ll need some international box office as well, and I’m not sure how far Focus is going to push it. It doesn’t seem like a potential Oscar winner or nominee looking at the reviews, so it may not get all too far.
  • Motherless Brooklyn and Arctic Dogs both also flopped. With Motherless, the issue is that gloomy films for adults are a hard draw at the box office to begin with, but doubly so when there aren’t the excellent reviews really needed to help drive word-of-mouth in these kinds of situations. Arctic Dogs is from the company that thought earlier this year that releasing Replicas would be a good idea. Enough said.
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Investments closing at 12:01 AM EST this Friday

  • Honey Boy – 5M
  • Doctor Sleep – 35M
  • Last Christmas – 30M
  • Midway – 135M
  • Playing with Fire – 45M

New investments

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  • The Grudge – 15M