Fantasy Box Office: Ghosts Are No Match For WWII

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New 2020 game updates

  • A poster from the film is now included next to every potential investment, to make movies easier to find.
  • You are now able to remove and readd investments as much as you want.
  • A statistics page to see other people’s investments, what the most popular investments are, etc. is next up. Still a work in progress currently.

Weekend recap

  • World War II film Midway opened to nearly 30M WW. A lot of press has been made about how it was able to unexpectedly beat out Doctor Sleep for the #1 spot domestically, but that says more about how poorly Sleep performed than anything else. Midway will still lose money overall and in the game too, even if some regional distributors came out unscathed.
  • Doctor Sleep. Big oof in real life – shows once again that even if you’ve got good reviews and good WOM, it doesn’t matter if audiences aren’t interested in the premise of a sequel to Shining in the first place. Luckily I guess the film was underbudgeted in the game (only $35M), so it’ll be profitable there if not anywhere else.
  • Last Christmas‘ twist just absolutely did not work out with audiences with a horrible B- Cinemascore. Everything on paper and with the marketing looked good, but if the film can’t match up…luckily this should optimally still breakeven anyway.
  • Playing with Fire, the latest film in the unofficial “winter kiddie family movie from Paramount” franchise – see Daddy’s Home, Daddy’s Home 2Instant Family – is doing semi-decent I guess, but not good enough to make money.
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Investments closing at 12:01 AM EST this Friday

  • Charlie’s Angels – 75M
  • Ford v. Ferrari – 145M
  • The Good Liar – 15M
  • Waves – 5M

New investments

  • The Informer – 20M
  • Like a Boss – 30M
  • My Spy – 30M
  • Underwater – 50M (The budget reported online for this one is higher, but it’s important to note those figures were based on its estimated initial expenditures, not it’s final cost. Louisiana, where the movie was filmed, offers a generous 40% rebate on in-state production and payroll.)