Fantasy Box Office: Ford v. Angels

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Winter bonus added

Twice yearly, players get a bonus of 25M added to their account:

  1. At the start of the summer blockbuster season (late April/early May).
  2. At the start of the winter blockbuster season (November).

Well, the winter bonus is now here. Everyone now has an additional free 25M to invest in whatever they please. Last year’s came a bit earlier in November, but considering that this month has been mostly a box office washout so far, hopefully no one minds it coming a bit late.

Weekend recap

  • On the topic of box office washouts, the Charlie’s Angels reboot opened this weekend to a poor global total of 28M. Of the trio of old IP flops Hollywood gifted us this November – first Terminator: Dark Fate, then Doctor Sleep, and now this – Angels always seemed at least to me as the most likely flop so I can’t say I’m completely surprised. Still, even by the very low box office expectations of most, this performed quite poorly. No way this title is reaching profitability. At least on the (very small) positive side for folks who invested in it, it didn’t count towards the 150M limit? I guess that’s a positive.
  • Ford v. Ferrari opened to 53M worldwide. Its still got quite a way to go to reach profitability, and I’m a bit doubtful that it will get there. Still, I think the real story for this film won’t be in the opening weekend but in its legs. Between the potentially very strong WOM (A+ Cinemascore, and this isn’t a franchise fanboy-heavy film either), combined with the strong appeal among less opening weekend-enamored older audiences, everything seems set up here for a good long run. We shall see though.
  • The Good Liar is at 10M. Not very good numbers at all, but good enough for the title to reach profitability in the game soon. (Unrelated, but Bill Condon is quite the diverse director. He directed this film, a Candyman movie, the Beauty and the Beast remake, and two of the Twilight movies?)
  • Waves is only a bit above 100K, having just launched in a handful of theaters. TBD with this one.
  • Countdown is now profitable. Congrats if you invested in this one.
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Investments closing at 12:01 AM EST this Friday

  • 21 Bridges – 35M
  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – 55M
  • Frozen 2 – 265M

New investments

  • Bad Boys For Life – 100M
  • Dolittle – 265M (I need to fix a bug with the 150M rule checker, so this investment isn’t available yet.)
  • The Last Full Measure – 20M