Fantasy Box Office: Long Time No See

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Weekend recap

  • 21 Bridges is floundering with 26.4M worldwide currently. All the MCU starpower in the world can’t save a project that seems like a retread of better cop dramas.
  • Knives Out is at 75.4M. This title should easily be able to hit profitability, since WOM has been solid, and older audiences when going to the box office are generally less frontloaded.
  • Frozen 2 is at 700M+ and doing great – nothing unexpected here.
  • Queen & Slim is at 18.6M and should hit profitability soon enough.
  • Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is at 36.3M, which probably won’t be enough for this one to reach breakeven in the long-term, although we shall see.
  • Frozen 2 and Last Christmas are now profitable.
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Investments closing at 12:01 AM EST this Sunday

Extending some deadlines a bit since I missed last week’s update and this week’s is late…

  • Knives Out – 60M
  • Queen & Slim – 15M
  • Playmobil – 110M

New investments

  • The Gentlemen – 45M
  • The Turning – 20M
  • Gretel and Hansel – 20M
  • The Rhythm Section – 75M