Fantasy Box Office: Dark Waters No Match For Frozen Waters

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Weekend recap

  • The sole new release for fantasy box office this past weekend was Playmobil. Surprising absolutely no one, the film did badly and will lose money in the game. What was surprising though was just how poorly it did, with a sub $1M launch. Looking at the Data page, five people invested in Playmobil. Hopefully they’re people playing some kind of long-range strategy to balance out their 150M+ investments. Hopefully.
  • Dark Waters isn’t actually in the game, but hey it made for a good post title.
  • No movies became profitable this weekend, which is pretty lame but also fitting for a period that was quite disappointing overall.
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Investments closing at 12:01 AM EST this Friday

  • Black Christmas – 20M
  • A Hidden Life – 15M
  • Jumanji 3 – 225M
  • Richard Jewell – 75M
  • Uncut Gems – 15M

New investments

  • Birds of Prey And The Very Long Title – 115M