Fantasy Box Office: The Grudge Starts 2020 With A Whimper

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Updated dashboard page

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As requested, the dashboard now shows you more helpful information. At the top, there’s a list of all your investments. Below that, there’s a summary of your performance in the year’s game so far (how much left is available to invest, total return so far, etc.).

Weekend recap

  • The sole new wide release for this past weekend was a new The Grudge film from Sony/Screen Gems. On paper, it seemed like a god idea for a new movie. Take a dormant horror brand and get an unknown director to make a new semi-decent film in that series on the cheap. Then make sure Sam Raimi is there to keep things steady and bring in some brand name cred. Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a nice little profitable horror film. It’s the strategy that was used for Poltergeist (2015) and Evil Dead (2013), and it worked.
  • However, the key word there is that the film has to be semi-decent. The Grudge definitely wasn’t, receiving a mere 15% on Rotten Tomatoes and even worse a horrific F Cinemascore.
  • At absolute best, you can hope for a breakeven situation on this one. This is no Escape Room sadly, Sony’s early January horror hit from last year.
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Investments closing at 12:01 AM EST this Friday

  • Like a Boss – 30M
  • Underwater – 50M

It looks like The Informer won’t be getting a release this January, so it has been removed from the game. If you invested in the film, your investment has been refunded.

New investments

  • Onward – 265M
  • The Way Back– 40M