How to Play Fantasy Box Office

How to Play

  1. Press “Register”. Choose a username and a password.
  2. You start out as a fictional movie studio that has a virtual $100M to invest in films.
  3. Invest in any open movie listed on the page. Movies are open until 12:01 AM EST of the day of their release. Costs are estimated as 1.5x of their estimated production budgets.
  4. Get virtual money from your investments (50% of the box office, except for China where it’s 25%).
  5. Use the virtual money you’ve made and invest again, and try to get the most profit for your fictional studio.

An example of how it works

  1. Let’s say there’s a film X that costs 100M. You invest 25M into it.
  2. That means you’re entitled to 25% of the film’s profits, since you covered 25% of the budget.
  3. Movie X makes 400M at the box office excluding China.
  4. 50% of a movie’s box office is kept as revenue, so the revenue is 200M.
  5. You’re entitled to 25% of that revenue. You get 50M.
  6. You made 50M off of an investment that cost 25M. So your profit was 25M. That’s pretty good.

The 50% rule

One more thing. At most half of your investments can be in movies that cost 150M or more. The films that cost that much are generally your Marvel, Star Wars, Fast & Furious titles, etc. This helps keep people’s movie slates from becoming really blockbuster-heavy and makes things a lot more interesting. It wouldn’t be a very fun game if everyone was just exclusively investing in the same handful of guaranteed moneymaker titles.